Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You're Mormons?

I had to work on my BYU app this week so I don't have much time to write, the library has a 2 hour limit and last week my time was UP so I had to send my letter real quick to even get it out. So anyway, this is my letter for the week, and I'm sending a bunch of pics to make up for it. All I have to say is that this week was awesome, a lot more comfortable and less exhausting than last week! haha I love every second of this. One experience I have to tell you briefly about is a few nights ago when Elder Stevens and I were doing some Faith tracting. We ran into this awesome lady first door we went to and she seemed interested. The intriguing part though, was a few doors later when we ran into the man who at first seemed nice, but ended up being this vulgar anti-mormon idiot. He started arguing at us (we don't participate in arguing haha), spewing some biblically misconceived nonsense that was supposed to confound us, and all of that was whatever until he kept saying Joseph Smith was a liar. I tried to walk away once and my comp kept standing there, so I walked back, listened to a bit more nonsense and stopped him. I told him that I knew Joseph Smith was a prophet,  I know he was called of God, and I know he saw God and Jesus Christ. We wished him a goodnight and walked away as he kept yelling whatever at us. I was pretty worked up the rest of the night, it did strengthen my testimony, and I prayed that night that I could grow even more in my testimony and especially my knowledge of the scriptures. I had no idea what I signed up for. 

The next day (yesterday (sunday (the day after saturday (parentheses)))) Elder Turley and I were tracting again (we seem to do that quite a bit) and we ran into a man who when we he saw us at the door, quickly said "You're Mormon's? I've got some questions for you, come in" It was just like when you watch a scary movie and the girl is about to open the door where the monster is and you keep thinking why would you ever do that run! what are you doing?!?! haha "It's a trap" as batman of madtv would say. So, as the girl always does, we went anyway haha. I have to clarify it's not like a had a real prompting like I shouldn't go in there, but I was just nervous and thought "here we go again" and trusted that my companion knew what he was doing haha. So what followed was actually a civil, hour discussion with this pastor of another faith on our beliefs, specifically on the Plan of Salvation got a hold of and proudly marked and took notes on every page haha. It was like a I was signed up for an hour long class on exactly what I prayed for. He claimed to not be arguing either, and asked a few questions he thought would confound us, but Elder Turley has such awesome Gospel knowledge, he was able to explain our beliefs, why we have them, and back them with scripture. It was terrifying, but I even answered a few questions, and we just had a nice talk. I learned SO much. I wish I could just replay the night over and over so I could internalize all of it, but overall I did learn some, and gained a stronger resolve to learn the doctrine better, and an even stronger testimony of the truth our message. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet,  I know he was called of God, and I know he saw God and Jesus Christ. Have a good week!

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