Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wouldn't it be awesome?

HAHAHAHAA OK first thing first. So, today I got to go to the real world! I had to pick up my nasal spray from the pharmacy at the BYU student health center so I got to walk a block down from the MTC campus! It was so exciting, I was like "Elder Barrus, I didn't realize how close my siblings were, they are somewhere around here, we are so close, yet so far away!!" and then I was like "and my grandparents live just up the street! Man wouldn't it be awesome if we saw my family right now?!!" Then on the way back to campus, we were crossing the street to get to the front gate, and a silver honda pulled in front of us turning right on green. I thought, "hey look there's my grandpa" then I realized "GRANPA!!!!!! HEY!!!!" and I started waving my arms, and yelling, but he was in the middle of turning and he didn't notice. hahahaha I was so sad, but excited at the same time. Next time you drive by the MTC pay attention grandpa! So, they finally switched up the district leader this week. it was supposed to be after 3 weeks, but I got 4! Elder Lott is our new DL. Elder Hamilton wrote me the nicest letter thanking me for being a good example and DL. 

Also, yesterday I was bummed that I didn't get any mail cuz I hadn't for a few days and the whole district surprised me with a card at the end of the day, because I didn't get any mail, and to thank me for being a good DL. It was so kind I wanted to hug them all, but we're not allowed to hug girls haha (my district is 5 elders and 8 sisters by the btw it's crazy! we have more sisters than any other district I know). They said the nicest things about me, and it made me feel so good about being here, and my efforts thus far. It made me wish I truly dedicated ALL my time focusing on others so I could feel worthy of such kind remarks, I want to work towards that. So this week was Elder Murray's Bday (from our neighboring district). At night we brought in all the food from all our rooms, put it in the middle of his room and had a party. It was crazy! (for a bunch of missionaries keeping the missionary standards at least haha) He opened his presents (recess cups, twix, a brush, and the big one- a camera, all from his family) and we were goin crazy. He had a bottle of Martinellis and told us all to have some. I asked if any one was sick (given my history, it's best that I do in these situations) and of course no one said anything. Then he told me to chug an entire mountain dew for his bday. 7 seconds. I never turn down a challenge, especially food related- you know me. It burnnnnned haha and it was also 5 minutes before bed so i couldn't sleep for like 2 hours past bedtime. Anyway, the next day guess what happened?? Yep. and I'm just getting over it today. Luckily I only missed 1 class. I was sick like Thursday morning til today. Curse you pathetic "dying baby with aids immune system" (that's a direct quote about me from the one and only ryan oldroyd hahah). So it's still going great here, I love this work. I only have TWO WEEKS left and then if (when) I still don't have my VISA I will be reassigned somewhere in the states for a bit. 

Dinkin' Flicka
Elder Nixon

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