Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome to Piracicaba: Best Mission in the World

OPA Familia!
I´m writing you from a internet cafe right now called Warhouse, and I was going to put quotations marks around that but this brasilian keyboard is too weird, I can´t find it. Also it keeps telling me every word I type is wrong, silly brasilian computers. So, first off, freak. Who taught Squid how to give a talk? Dwight Schrute? That was xique cara (cool man), seriously, wayyy too good. My first week in Brasil has been beleza (beautiful). My plane ride here was 15 hours. Luckily, I´m a fantastic sleeper, so it didn´t feel that long. When we landed I met up with some other missionaries and we all took a van 2 hours to Piracicaba. When we arrived the driver dropped us off at this corner and we had NO idea what was going on. haha We looked around for a bit, and eventually some other missionaries came down from the building he dropped us off at and took us up to President Canuto´s apartement. There we had some beans and rice (that´s portugues for lunch) and then went to a different room to receive our trainers. It was so cool, we started singing a hymn in portuguese, and mid way through, all the trainers ran into the room and started singing along and making a ruckus. Then, all of a sudden we all broke into dance, and I thought didn´t know the moves, but they were in my heart all along, so it worked out. Ok, not really, but they really did run in and start singing haha it was awesome. Afterwords, President welcomed us to Piracicaba: The Best Mission in the World. 

Everyone stomped their feet and yelled as president called out who was  training who, and eventually I ended up meeting my trainer Elder Galleguillos! He´s the best. Seriously, he´s SO cool, we are so similar too. He´s chilean, so he looks brasilian, but he´s actually from Queen´s New York (where toast has served most of his mission, and his family speaks spanish, so there´s a 90% chance toast knows his family). First thing he said to me, or at least the first thing I understood was Don´t worry I´m american. hahaha We are assigned to the city of Araras. It´s gorgeous here I love it so much! Our roommates are both Brasilian. They are from the and so both of them have strange accents, and Elder Cabral talks super fast, so the first night I was there, I could not understand a  single thing they said. It was ridiculous haha. However, I understand them pretty well already, and we get a long great. 

My first night working (friday) we were out on the street, and decided to meet one of the potentials the other Elder´s left for us. We are white washing (or coming in as 2 brand new missionaries to the area) and so we don't know hardly anyone yet (by the btw Elder Gilly is the sole zone leader as well, it´s a really strange situation). So we met Gorete and her boyfriend Ze Luis. The two were pulling out of their driveway and we started talking with them. I understood a little, but apparently not much because all of a sudden we were in their car driving who knows where, and I had no idea what was going on. We ended up at the market, and started shopping with them which was pretty weird haha. When Gorete learned it was my second day in Brasil she got so excited and started telling everyone and showing me things they have in Brasil  that we dont in America, it was so funny. Then we got back to their house, and it turns out all the food was for us, she started making pancacas (pancakes) which are not pancakes at all but tortillas with meat and cheese rolled up like a taquito. They were super good. Then we had a lesson, and I don't know why but she LOVED us, and told us to come back whenever we want, and call if we want food, and whatever else.The whole time I was just thinking, Are all brasilians like this? haha They pretty much are. I love these people, they´re all so nice, and open, and loving. This place is legal (cool). 

So, this Sunday was fast and testimony meeting at church. Elder Gilly and I thought it was appropriate for us to get up and introduce ourselves to the ward and bear our testimonies. So we went and sat on the stand, and my heart started pounding, potentially the hardest it´s ever pounded in my life haha. It was probably the same feeling that guy had in Men in Black, just before a tiny alien popped out of his chest. So I prayed and tried to relax, and as I walked up to the stand, I felt pretty good. I just introduced myself, mentioned it was my second day in brasil and said I don't speak portuguese very well, but I speak the Spirit, and the Spirit tells me that the Church is true, that My Savior Jesus Christ lives, that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and that the Book of Mormon is true. The ward loved it. haha Two members mentioned my testimony later in their own. The Spirit was really strong, and it was a great experience. I love this place so stinkin much! It´s so cool, it´s sunny, and vibrant, and and there are soccer fields everywhere. Which brings me to the saddest news of my life which is that missionaries can´t play soccer in ANY Brasil missions turns out, because way too many missionaries get hurt. But tudo bem (it's all good). Have a great week everyone!

Tchau Tchau,
Elder Nixon