Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm in Washington!

The first week in the field is tough, but it's been great! So in between Monday (my last night at the MTC) and Tuesday (my first day in Washington) I got about 2 hours of sleep. It was intense. First off, I started out strong in the airport. My first time being in the real world for weeks haha and I met this nice guy Ben. We ended up talking about church and life for 15 minutes plus, and I gave him a pass a long card, he seemed really interested! It was a great kick off. When I landed in Seattle we had a nice lunch in the Mission President's home, then went to the Church where we had some orientation stuff, and interviews. After all the interviews we finally got assigned companions and areas. There is a tradition where the Trainers and Greenies sit at opposite ends of the chapel, and then when they find out who they are assigned to the y meet in the middle and give em a hug. I am in a quadpanionship since Elder Stevens and I are VISA waiters and either of us could any leaving any day. So I had 3 companions, I gave Elder Turley a hug, then Elder Stevens, then I was about to give Elder Stack a hug, and someone said "You don't want to do that Elder, He doesn't do hugs, we can explain later" hahaha it was a bit intimidating I guess. He apparently just doesn't like being touched hah, great 1st impression. Anyways five minutes later the meeting ended and we had to rush straight to our first teaching appointment! It was a bit scary, but it went really well. We are teaching this man named JT who is engaged to a member Amanda and he is awesome! He watched 6 hours of conference by himself on his iPad last weekend. It went great! 

The rest of the week was good, it's tough and is definitely a hard transition but I'm making the most of it. But, I HAVE to tell you about Sunday before I get off I only have a few minutes left. Weirdest Sunday of my life. Hahaha My area is pretty ghetto. Where I live is just a tooooon of apartment complexes, and it's pretty poor, and then the other half of the ward is pretty wealthy and lives next to a gorgeous view of the Puget Sound, so weird combo really. The First speaker in sacrament meeting was kinda wacko, like a bit harsh, and the 1st counselor had to tell him he was outta time cuz he just kept going haha. He actually did give a pretty good talk though, he made some cool points. Then we went to Gospel Doctrines class. I have never seen so many Hobos in church before, they were so faithful and some of them really neat people. I've also never smelt so much cigarette smoke in church haha, but I one of the apostles once said that's his favorite smell in church v=because that means there are investigators there! This one crazy guy Matthew kept making comments during class. They passed the role around, and he had it for like 2 or 3 minutes, so I peeked over his shoulder to see what was doing and he had written what, if it had been real letters and words, would've made two paragraphs, one on top of the other, on the wrong page. I think the teacher will know he was present when he takes a look at that haha. Then this sweet little Spanish sister, Sister Day gave this awesome prayer at the end, she kept saying "you are the one Lord, you are the one, we need you, we need you, the world needs you, " and it was interesting between those two in class, I gotta log off sorry bye!

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