Monday, October 7, 2013

Everett WA

So first off I got my reassignment to Everette Washington!! I couldn't be more excited! I know that that is where the Lord needs me, and there are people being prepared for me to teach there right now. I leave tonight at 4:30 am.. so technically tomorrow morning. I can't wait o campo ja esta branco para a ceifa (D&C 4 reference). As stoked as I was this week to receive my reassignment the crowning event of my week was Friday night! I'm so excited for you Squid! Anaheim will be amazing, even though you're learning nasty Spanish ;) haha jk I'm actually excited cuz then we can teach each other span/port when we get back! I still feel like the luckiest elder in the world I've had such an incredible week. When I Mom's dearelder tellin me about Caden's call I gave the letter to Sis. Padilla so I wouldn't be tempted to look at it all day (were not supposed to read them til the end of the day. That night our district decide to have a testimony meeting instead of our additional study. I have to tell you the Spirit was incredibly strong in that room. My hands were shaking a bit as I was moved by the beautiful witnesses of the Savior and His restored Church from my district whom I have grown to love so much. At the end, I asked Sis. Padilla to give me my letter to open, because I wanted to read it in that room while the Spirit was so apparent. I've only had water leak outta my eyes 3 or 4  times in the last few years, but when I read where Caden was going I lost it. ha I love him so much, and I know that Anaheim is exactly where God wants him to be! I'm so stoked for you Squid! My first thoughts were.... "Californiiiaaa, Califoorniiiaaaa, Here I coooooOOOOooOoOoOoOOOoooooooommmmeeeee.!!!" hahha soon enough you'll be "drivin down the one o one... down the fifth over to seventh, but then there'll be traffic so you'll take south instead of tree to beach, passed the traffic on the 304 to 511. jajaja  

So- For All you prospective missionaries who, like every prospective missionary, are wondering what the best thing to do to prepare for a mission- listen up. From my whole six weeks of experiences, here's my 95 cents #inflation. If you really wanna be a good missionary, STUDY the BOM, read PMG and really study it. Then, Go to chapter 6 and start studying and developing Christ like attributes! One of the most helpful things in the mission is charity. I talk about it so much but it's SO important. If we really love the people we are serving, we won't want to waste a second, we'll be more attentive the Holy Ghost to be guided to what we need to do. If we love God and Jesus Christ, we'll want to follow the mission rules, and then be blessed more because of that. If we love our companions we will work better together and be able to teach with greater power and clarity. So that is also part of some of what I've learned about charity this week. The most effective thing in my study, besides reading the BoM and specifically looking for examples of charity, is trying to apply the principle. I pray for it every night, and try to understand the people around me, why they do things, try to see them through God's eyes, and love them for who they are. I have been blessed with greater love for my awesome companion Elder Barrus, and for my entire district and teachers. It would also be great, in order to prepare for a mission, to go out with the missionaries now. Help teach someone, be a part of the lesson. Help someone get baptized, if you help them to that point, the missionaries will likely have YOU do it which would be such a cool experience!  Then, look for the chance to give priesthood blessings before you leave. It will be so good for you to have already experienced that so you're ready when someone asks you for one. Other than that you're on your own. haha Alright everyone I love and miss you all, if you need to send me packages, and love letters, and chickfila my new address will be 

Washington Everette Mission
16124 35th Ave SE
Mill Creek, WA 98012


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