Monday, September 16, 2013

This Magical Place

The MTC just gets better and better, in one day our investigator got baptized, served a mission, and then became our teacher at the MTC! It was insane, he just walked into class and we were like Ellison?!?! and he was like nao, Irmao Hickman. THen, we got to hear about the embarrassing things we accidentally said because we couldnt speak Portuguese. hahah It is awesome having him as our teacher though, it really helps since he's been in lessons with us and knows what we each need to work on. (By the BTW he was supposed to be our teacher the whole time, he didn't really get baptized in one day, sorry, i know this missionary humor is hard to keep up with but just hold on.) The MTC works in mysterious ways. My Portuguese is far beyond what I thought it could ever be in 2 weeks, it's so cool! The MTC is this magical place where I get to feel the Spirit all the time, and just study a new language and the Gospel?!? THis is soooo sick, it's seriously like a dream I love it! I love learning languages I just want to learn them all now, when I get back I am for sure taking some french classes to solidify my French, and then I want to learn Spanish, and Italian, and Dutch and seriously every language, learning a new language is the best, and I can't wait to get home and travel after as well, I love learning about new cultures.

I had the opportunity to give elder Hamilton (redhead from Basicallymexico, Texas) a blessing this week, he sprained his ankle pretty bad playing volleyball. It was my first time giving a blessing which made me pretty nervous, but it went well, and he has been healing so fast! Sundays are the greatest around here, we have a lot of time for personal study and to relax a bit (no naps though haha) and then at night we have devotional, then watch a church movie. This weeks devo was given by Richard Heaton who was previously the mission president for Spokane Washington, do you know him Brian? Anyway it was a pretty cool talk on prayer, and then after we got to watch a church movie like always, we watched "The Testaments" it was supes cheesy, but through all the cheese the Spirit was pretty strong, we had a good laugh after about some of the cheesier parts afterwards. I understand why missionary humor exists now, they feed us this cheesy stuff and expect us to still be funny? Lame jokes for days #loveit, "the Messiah has come, monkey, you stay here!" We had a great time dissecting the purpose of that scene, primarily why it was so integral to the movie that the little girl ran back to tell the monkey he couldn't come. Poor Chio (i think that was his name.. his being the monkey..) So apparently, on Sunday I was falling asleep and I started leaning on Sis. Whitney. HA HA HA. I guess I have some repenting to do. Girls are toxic around here, and not the Brittney Spears kind. haha The Zone leaders saw me and were laughing at me. She said I didn't actually touch her, I woke up before I fell all the way over thank goodness. It is crazy how many hours a day we are supposed to highly functioning off of 6 or 7 hours of sleep. Normally missionaries wake up at 630, but that's when our breakfast starts, so we barely get any sleep.

Elder Pearce from the District right next to mine got his VISA and left this morning, lucky guy. I, however, am really content here, I would be sad to leave my District, and my beloved America, If I got my VISA before my 6 weeks at the MTC were over. About 70 % of visa Waiters aren't getting them before they're done at the MTC, so they get reassigned for a while. I've decided if that happens to me I hope I get sent somewhere where I can have a white Christmas, also somewhere where one of my fifty friends serving stateside are serving haha. Anyway, everything is going great, eat some Rakkyo and watch some P+R for me, I love you all so much and I think something special is happening this week? I can't remember ... oh wait HAAAAaaAAAAaaAaaAPPPppYyyyYyy BBbBIIrrtthhHDddAAYYY MMMOooOOoOOooooM?!?!?!
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