Monday, September 16, 2013

Best First Day

I don't think anyone has ever had a better first day at the MTC! Going in I was praying for 3 things. 1) To feel peace and be comforted 2) that my companion would like The Office haha and 3) that I would get to see Mike! Well, being dropped off I felt so much peace, I said bye to pops, tori, and bri and was ready to go! Fifteen minutes after I had been there I ran into Spicey Mike and he took me through the rest of orientation! He also came to my room that night, and took me over to see his floor. They are insane. There were nerf bullets flying everywhere and candy all over the place, I loved it haha they were some way awesome dudes. I enjoyed it. OH! Also my companion, Elder Barrus (he just graduated and is from Chicago, he's quiet and a really nice guy, we get a long great) LOVES The Office. We talked about it all during lunch. I kept on thinking of "Prison Mike" since everyone says the MTC is like Prison. "The worst part about the MTC is... is.. the DEMENTORS! They're all over da place." hahaha. So I now refer to the MTC as Hogwarts, we have "Gnarnia holes" all over the place, and instead of district f I decided we are district three so we can make the three sign like Catnip does in the Hunger Games. I guess you could say my experience so far is a little Hollywood. 

But seriously, I looOOOve the MTC haha. I have had soo many miracles occur the last few weeks as I've been preparing to serve the Lord it's been incredible! Unfortunately, I don't have time to type them all right now, but just know that the Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us individually and is watching over us, and blesses us when we are doing what's right. I had the opportunity to listen to Elder Bednar's talk "the Character of Christ" Sunday Night. It was incredible. Life changing- to say the least. The main idea was that we all need to stop looking inward towards ourselves, and look outwards to see how we could help others. What stayed with me most was when he said "GET OVER YOURSELF" haha so blunt, yet so powerful. My French helps me a lot with the language, I'm finally starting to be able to put together some sentences on my own in Portuguese. Anyway, I have to go but I love you all and have a great week! Send me Dear Elders ok? sweet. 

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